Cabin Fever? Have No Fear


Winter in the Pacific Northwest can often feel like the slow, trickling path of rainwater running towards spring. February and March are comparable to the stagnant puddle on our front walk, and to us endlessly waiting at the window and grumbling for the skies to clear. Though the weather may not be getting warmer, our cabin fever is getting worse!

Last weekend’s snow allowed many the opportunity they’ve been waiting for: a good old-fashioned frolic outdoors. Now that the white powder has been reduced to greying slush, our thoughts inevitably turn to the next time we’ll be let outside like schoolkids at recess to enjoy nature in the cool air. Luckily for us here at La Residence, Bellevue and its surrounding areas are full of some of the most beautiful and enjoyable parks this side of the Cascades. In the coming weeks we’ll be giving a total breakdown of our favorite parks, trailheads, and recreation areas. Not only is there an outdoor activity for everyone, but there’s also sure to be a park that matches it!